These examples of A.A.S. productions are free to stream.
Please do not repost them anywhere! In order to keep this music free to use, do not repost it without our explicite permission...THANKS!

For ease of use on internet media, we downsample and crunch our excellent sounding WAV or AIF files to mp3
(at 160mps at least). Unfortunately, mp3 does not allow for much in the way of artistic nuance, dynamics and harmonic texture to be reproduced very well. Lossless it is not! So, if you want a copy of any of these demos, or complete movements etc., please email to us and we can email or Dropbox to you a high-quality AIF or WAV


1. Grayson Hirst, tenor, and Patrick Neher, double bass, Tian Shu Wang, piano, perform Five Russian Songs (live, #5)
2. Mark Rush, violin, and Patrick Neher, double bass play Frank Proto's Duet for Violin and Bass (live, excerpt)
3. Patrick Neher plays Francois Rabbath's "Reitba" (live concert 1994)
4. Bottesini Arias, played by Patrick Neher in live performance
5. Neher - Suite for Violin and Piano, mvt. 3, played by Emi Tanabe and Hulya Alpakin from CD "Music 4 Friends".
6. Trio Barock plays Boismortier - Duo Sonata (vln, db, harpsichord. Live performance)
7. Henry Kolar - Divertimento for Violin, Bass, and Horn (Carla Ecker, P Neher, Dan Katzen)
8. Kay Zavislak plays Beethoven "Waldstein" Sonata, 1st mvt excerpt. Live recital 11.29.2015
9. "She Walks on the Wind Blown Beach above the Cliffs" - excerpt. Music for film. 01.2016



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